Our Company

The firm

Metal-PI srl was born from the Pasotti’s brother’s association in 1986, when they chose to become separated from their father’s firm. They decided to capitalize the familiar tradition regarding the working experience of brass working as weaver and to take it to a new level.
In the following years Pasotti’s brothers increased their experience suggesting to the market a completely new range in agricultural sector with products of their own manufacture like weeding, spraying and zoothecnical articles.
With a particular attention to the market tendency the new firm has conceived and realised a range of products that, even though trace out the traditional ideas, it marks a firm progress of quality thank to the accurate selection of materials, a careful test and a rigour in the functioning, incisive factor that gives the Metal–PI a national recognition and allows it to export its prudocts all around the world.
The Metal-PI brand establish itself quickly in the agricultural field and becomes one of the leaders in the matter.
Since the beginning the firm plans and develop all the range of its products, taking good handmade care of every realised model. Besides, thanks to the technical study that characterize the firm, it offers a consultancy service that is able to satisfy specific needs of the most demanding client.
As the biggest main of the Pasotti’s brothers is not to disappoint the customers, in 1991 they accept a new challenge and they widen the range of their products with irrigation sector, so creating the aluminium sprinklers
Today, the Metal-PI srl can be considered an exemplary model of small business and large international recognition.


The new center
Immediately the Metal-PI, with its commitment and devotion has earned an incredible interest in the market. In fact in the 1998, the urge of enlarging the firm became indispensable and this is how the current center in Via Faidana, 50 was opened.

What’s new
The Chinese market competition and the instability of the raw material market, brings, in the 2007, to create a new "cheaper spraying" line to support the already existing lever, handle and "mitra" spraying (15-80 atm), without taking anything away from the classic and well-established quality of the firm Metal-PI.

Associated Fairs and Firms
Reference point to fortify the direct relationship with the customer, the firm is always attending the international fairs as the Eima. Just from the persisting of this collaboration in the 2008, the firm has become part of the united firms of the Unacoma.

The staff
During the years the tradition has never been left behind but it s always been indispensable for the firm to follow all the technological novelties, often renewing the products with precise marketing actions so that the same staff enriched itself with the new generation: Marco e Manuel Pasotti, Maurizio’s sons, and Elena and Debora Pasotti, Ernesto daughters.

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